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Featured Post #2 | Engineering your team culture and stop overcomplicating. Measure the success of your team.

For this week I will focus on how to improve and create a culture in the team. Culture in a team is crucial for autonomy, wellness, trust, and many other relevant points for the stability of a team. With the culture in the team, we should also guide our team to stop overcomplicating the problems...
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9 months ago • 2 min read #1 | What if I vanish? Tool to help you take better decisions in group. The essence of leadership.

Good Reads What if I vanished?​ I get this question fairly often. How would the projects I run manage if I took off? And really, the primary project people think of then is of course curl." 9mins Three ways to make time for reflection as an engineering leader​ Reflection time is fundamental to...
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